In 2020, out of years of experience, knowledge of consumer tastes and preferences, and a desire to bring unique spirits to everyone, SPIRIT DEPOT was born. A line-up of spirits enchanted in bottles for centuries of human existence.

Alcohol is much more than an intoxicating stimulant. It has shaped our culture for millennia, influencing the development of the mind, religion and the arts. The very etymology of the word alcohol directs us towards beliefs and traditions which, in their simplicity, defined alcohol as a spirit. A spirit which, with its presence, opens the door to a close reality, opens up languages, opens up horizons of thought. Following Jan Himilsbach, they introduce a fairytale element into reality. A balance to reality from Linn Ullmanm's words "The thing is to be three drinks ahead of drunkenness and two drinks behind reality". Mysticism is also surrounded by the creation of alcohol itself. Not knowing what the vaping process was, our ancestors considered the missing part of the alcoholic beverage to be a tribute to angels (angel's share) or other mischievous spirits (duppy share). This tribute was in exchange for the ability to create aqua vitae or water of life.

Our strengths:


An experienced team built on knowledge and fascination with the spirits category. We don't pretend - we like and taste.


A transparent value chain underpins our commitment to building long-term relationships.


We believe that it is the aroma and flavour that is supposed to build interest and fascination in a category or favourite spirit.


Many years of experience give us the logistical background to deliver a perfect service at all times.

Our Imports