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Diamenty Forbes 2018, Gazele Biznesu 2017, 2018
7 years was enough for Navigator - Poland to mark the existence of its brand on the Polish retail market. The Polish company under the leadership of Marcin Pilaciński is one of the most recognizable FMCG distributors.
Assortment sweets, coffee and tea, hygiene and chemical products, spices, ready meals, preserves, energy drinks, alcohol.
Cooperation We support wholesalers, sub-wholesalers, stores. We cooperate closely with commercial networks and cash & carry. Hundreds of customers have trusted us.
People and facts Our employees are highly qualified staff with excellent knowledge of the FMCG market. We have our own modern warehouse halls and our own transport.
Strengths Competitive prices. High quality of service. Rich assortment. Many years of experience. Punctual deliveries. Individual approach to client.

Marcin Pilaciński

Dyrektor Generalny

+48 516 011 306

Robert Pilaciński

Dyrektor Handlowy

+48 517 788 429

Karina Kądziela

Kierownik Biura Obsługi Klienta

+48 662 900 496

Robert Kalwara

Kierownik Magazynu

+48 600 989 395

Agnieszka Kijek

Manager ds. import/export

+48 506 977 458

Janusz Wrona

Manager ds. handlu nowoczesnego

+48 532 423 137

Dariusz Murzyn

Manager ds. handlu krajowego

+48 735 960 131

Paweł Szulim

Manager ds. handlu hurtowego

+48 515 202 315

Daria Pałka

Manager ds. handlu krajowego

+48 519 618 837

Zbigniew Rosłaniec

Manager ds. handlu krajowego

+48 518 274 358

Mariusz Bogdański

Manager ds. handlu krajowego

+48 506 357 567

Michał Majerski


+48 881 008 092

Hubert Siedlecki

Manager ds. handlu detalicznego

+48 506 357 475

Marek Pech

Manager ds.vendingu

+48 570 668 989

Bartosz Domański

Manager ds. zakupów

+48 735 914 755

Karolina Gmitruk

Biuro Obsługi Klienta

+48 519 618 801

Grażyna Mrówka

Biuro Obsługi Klienta

+48 517 628 850

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To miejsce czeka na Ciebie

+48 22 205 25 60
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+48 22 205 25 60
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Please check our unique offer of spirits - DETAILS

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In addition, we have many products of various categories at a promotional price. We have over 2500 thousand products of various brands. We deliver goods on time, we have well stocked warehouse and we process orders quickly. We are flexible in relation to our clients.


All news and important information for our current and future customers will be posted on the website and on our FB: Navigator-Polska.